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Tourist destinations in Galicia you can´t miss.

We are priviledged because the location of the house, and our town, compared to other areas of Galicia, benefits from a pleasant microclimate ranging between warm and humid. Our house is well situated geographically to get to know all of Galicia if you so desire. Below we will briefly summarize some of the towns and areas that we recommmend visiting. Once you have arrived we will provide you with all the necessary information about these areas and other suggestions about where to eat or go shopping.

Cambados - 4 minutes.

Cambados is a fishing village par excellence that stands out for its wine and its delicious gastronomy. It is one of the best architectural sites in Ria da Arousa and has been designated Historic-Artistic Ensemble, capital of the Salnes region and home of albariño wine, one of the most prestigious white wines in the world.

Pontevedra - 20 minutes.

Pontevedra originated with a bridge that roman engineers built to provide a crossing for the road that went from Braga to Lugo and Astorga, the Portus Veteri. This roadway disappered just like the imperial legacy did but Pontevedra has evolved to become a city of monuments that is at the service of pedestrians.

Combarro - 20 minutes.

If we had to choose a town as an architectual reference from the Galician Rias, this would be it. It is difficult to find its Historic-Artistic Ensemble anywhere else in Galicia as it has more than 20 granaries and stone crosses facing the ria. Nowadays it has as many taverns as it does granaries.

Cies island - 45 min. (Boatride)

It is a beautiful, uninhabited, wildlife archipelago made up of three islands which the Romans called islands of the gods. Its best beach, called Rodas Beach , is shaped like an isthmus and connects the two islands. It is considered one of the best beaches in the world.

Cabo Home - 1 hour

You can arrive at Cape Home, Cape Pequeno, and Punta Robaleira by travelling 2.5km on a clay trail. Cies Islands, in the background, always acts as a reference. On the way you will pass Melide Beach, a beautiful landmark shaped like a half moon and caught between leafy pine groves, quite possibly one of the most beautiful in the Ria de Vigo.

Tui Cathedral - 1 hour 30 min.

This city was significant in medieval times as it defended spanish interest from his portuguese neighbor. Its highlights are its narrow streets and pleasant strolls while emerged in history. Its outstanding monument is the cathedral but also has other architectual points of interest.

Arousa Island - 10 minutes

Arousa Island is a spanish island and municipality located in the heart of the Ria with the same name, in the povince of Pontevedra, Galicia. It has a surface of 7km2 and a population of 5,000 all of which are concentrated on a narrow isthmus ( and its vicinity)

SanXenxo - 20 minutes.

Sanxenxo is the tourist capital of the Rias Baixas and ideal for shopping and for a going for a stroll on its promenade during the day and at night. The urban beach in Sanxenxo, Silgar, is among twenty-four others in this town.

A Lanzada - 20 minutos.

It is 2.5 kilometer- long beach and is included in The Umia-O Grove Intertidal Complex which is in area where aquatic birds are a protected species and its legendary sandy area faces the Atlantic. Some people believe that any woman that cannot get prgnant will do so by jumping nine waves the eve of Saint Juan.

Island of Salvora - 20 min. (Boatride)

Salvora is made up of several small islands like Sagres, Vionta , and Noro. It is full of mountains and gorges and has dozens of other small islands and headlands. This archipelago protects the entry to the Ria da Arousa. There you can see the remains of a small village, and an old fish salting factory belonging to the Mariño family and their country house, where they lived until the 1970s.

Muros - 1 hour

Muros originated as a fishing village and it is the most authentic stone village of the Rias Baixas, made up of granite houses with wrought iron balconies covering the length of the front and ground floor pointed-arch porticos, narrow alleys and charming squares. Muros also has excellent beaches and different hiking trails. You must see the Louro Lighthouse.

Monte Santa Tecla - 1 hour 30 min.

It one of the most important Galician-Roman settlements that we know of and it is composed of several circular or oval ground dwellings made of stone and straw walls. From here we can see the Miño estuary along with its marshes and islands. We can see all of this beauty with only one glance at the landscape.

Catoira - 20 minutes.

The towers were built for defense from Norman and Viking attacks at the mouth of the Ulla River. Nearby you can find replicas of the “drakkars” that are used during the viking festival on the first weekend in August.

A Toxa - 20 minutes.

A Toxa might be one of the most famous and touristy places in the Rias Baixas. What used to be an area for herd grazing for the people of El Grove, was transformed into a luxurious spa with healing properties which was recommended by Ramon and Cajal for his pacients due to the mud and thermal baths found there. The shell chapel and the spa are the most popular places to visit in A Toxa.

Santiago de Compostela - 50 min.

Santiago is the political and cultural capital of Galicia, full of monuments and a must see. Obradoiro Square is considered of one the most beautiful in Spain and the cathedral ( where the sepulchre of Apostle James is believed to be) is the end of the Jacobean pilgrimage.

Ons Island - 30-45 min. (Boatride)

Even today Ons Island is inhabited by approximately 10 people. It is less steep than Cies Island which allows the east side, which faces the “ria,” to have a stable population and for corn and potato to be harvested. There are beautiful beaches like As Donas, Melide, Area dos Cans and Canexol, the latter ones more solitary than the first.

Fisterra Lighthouse - 1 Hour 30 min.

This is the end of the European Continent, the Finis Terrae, where it was thought the earth ended until America was discovered. Fisterra and its fishing village is a place full of magic and leyends, where pilgrims continue to arrive everyday to burn their clothes as a sign of renovation. It is also an ideal place for meditation.

Valença do Minho - 1hour 20 min.

The south of Galicia and the north of Portugal are sister regions that share landscapes, customs, history, and gastronomy as well as a similar language. Therefore, the Minho River doesn´t separate , it unites the north of Portugal and the Rias Baixas. It offers the traveller several cities full of monuments that can be visited in one day like Valenca do Minho and Viana do Castelo.





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